Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons

Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons

Preserved lemons are essential to North African kitchens, where they're used to add brightness, salt, and depth to tagines and stews, dressings and sauces, and countless other dishes. But they can also inspire a "what on earth do I do with this?" moment at the store. Fear not—preserved lemons are easy to use, and we have made it even EASIER for you - since we these are triple rinsed and blended - so, there is no work for you!


Salted lemons are great on a variety of things...


Avacado Toast

Poached Eggs

Lamb (slow roasted or tartare)

Spicy Hot Dogs/Sausage

Roasted Eggplant



Just remember that every little scoop packs a powerful punch - so, start light, and remember that these are high is sodium.


Bon Apettit!