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RAISIN THE ROOF! (Cranberry Raisin Jalapeno Jam)
  • RAISIN THE ROOF! (Cranberry Raisin Jalapeno Jam)

    Calling all Bargain Block (HGTV) fans!!!  Keith and Evan continue to do great things for the city of Detroit, and this new collaboration is nothing short of fantastic!


    Raisin the Roof is a beautiful blend of cranberries, raisins and jalapeno - this is an incredibly savor jam and would be great on ribs, chicken, pork, salmon or a grilled cheese sandwich.  It does pack a punch, and we don't expect this one to be available for very long!


    Proceeds from the jam will be donated to the Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas Roof Initiative.


    Their experience as general contractors rehabilitating blighted homes across Detroit's west side has given them a first hand look at the importance a roof plays into the health and longevity of homes. Unfortunately, restoring a roof is not only a necessity to maintaining a healthy home but a costly one. With your help, Keith and Evan will bring a vital roofing program to the community helping to further their mission of preserving Detroit homes.



    **You can also donate direct to this initiative without purchasing a jar of jam**


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