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FIGGETABOUTIT!  (Fig, Chamomile & Honey Preserves)
  • FIGGETABOUTIT! (Fig, Chamomile & Honey Preserves)

    This stunning (and very limited edition) collaboration with Celebrity Chef, and personal friend, Scott Conant is one that cannot be missed. 


    After a conversation about charities/causes that we both support,

    he told me about the Child Rescue Coalition.  I had never heard of this before, which is the beauty of this project - to raise awareness.


    Blending three of Scott's favorite flavors, we decided that "Figgetaboutit!" is the perfect name for this perfect preserve.


    Proceeds are being donated to  We encourage you to get familiar with this organization, even if a jar of jam is not on your shopping list for today.


    Thank you for helping us make a difference one jar at a time.



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